Nothing says love like fresh, local flowers 

Ah, that lovely feeling when you walk into a friend’s house and you’re greeted with fresh flowers on the table. 

Whether it’s a formal arrangement or colorful zinnias in a mason jar – fresh flowers bring beauty and joy into your home

– and honestly, who doesn’t want more of that?

Bouquet Shares - Month by Month

You already choose local and organic food - shouldn't your flowers be as well?

Every Tuesday, you’ll receive the most beautiful and fragrant flowers the season has to offer, lovingly arranged in a bouquet ready to be placed into your favorite vase – or to share with a friend.

On the signup form you'll be able to choose between:

a.) Pickup Tuesdays at Tait Farm Foods in Boalsburg.

b.) Pickup Tuesday evening at Plowshare Produce CSA pickup at University Mennonite Church, State College.

c.) Delivery in State College Area on Tuesday with Ground Work Farms CSA (  If you are not one of their current CSA members, flower delivery is available for a $4.50 fee

Bouquet Shares
from 60.00

Sign up by the month - or for the entire season.

Each Tuesday you will receive a farm fresh bouquet, including colorful flowers, fragrant herbs and vibrant foliage. Bouquets will change form season to season, just as the bounty of our fields is ever changing.  

Summer Season shares run from June through August, and will receive a bonus herbal/dried flower wreath at the end of season.

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Dahlia Mania

Dahlia Mania

Discover colors and varieties of dahlias you've never seen before!  I love offering dahlias at the farmers market, and introducing folks to breathtaking giant dahlias, as well as the gorgeous texture of round honeycomb dahlias – so inviting to the touch.

This is your opportunity to enjoy these magnificent blooms as summer turns to fall by getting a weekly stunning bouquet of assorted Dahlias during the month of September - peak Dahlia season.

Dahlia Month is September - 4 weeks of Dahlia bouquets $85

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Pro Bucket Share

Pro Bucket Share

Perfectly suited for any flower lover, B & B operation or other creative business.  Ideal for florists who would like that extra something not available from the wholesaler, or local restaurants that want to fill bud vases on their table and have flowers on the hostess station.

Each week members receive a floral bucket full of the best flowers, fillers and foliage that the farm has to offer that week.

Pro Bucket Share: $280 per month (4 buckets)

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